Wine & Cocktails


Every wine on our list is selected for quality and priced for value.

We’ve chosen each one competitively, evaluating them all in “blind” tastings.  Whether or not the producers or grape variety names are familiar, rest assured that each selection wins out in a rigorous blind taste test led by our Vice President of Beverage, Sandy Block, Master of Wine.  We’re confident that our wines represent the finest quality and value available, just as our seafood does.  And we want you to enjoy our wine bottles at reasonable prices. In many cases we go directly to the source to discover little known wines that represent outstanding value.  Why?  When you order wine in our restaurants, we want the experience to be memorable and the bottle to cost you less than what you would expect to spend virtually anywhere else.  In vino veritas!

Those in Boston may even want to enjoy our picks at home.  We retail premium remarkably-priced wines at our Chestnut Hill Fish Market.



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