Skrei, February 23 – March 22

February 23, 2017

Only the best migrating Norwegian cod are classified as ultra-premium skrei.  Once fully grown, skrei migrates from the Barents Sea to the coast from January-April to spawn.  Small fishing vessels catch and handle the fish according to rigorous quality standards so it remains in immaculate condition.  It’s available for a few short months each year and loved the world over for its delicate and flaky meat. 
From the Norse word for “wanderer,” skrei is a true culinary delicacy.  It has a firm consistency and the meat is very white, light and lean.  The fish’s silky-smooth flavor and clean taste comes from swimming in the cold, pristine waters of Norway.
We will feature a skrei entrée in participating locations*:
Roasted Skrei with sweet pea mash, bacon shallot vinaigrette, rainbow carrot salad

*Legal Harborside, Floor 2 and Legal Crossing will feature a different preparation, chef’s choice.