First Catch of Wild Copper River King Salmon

Available for a Limited Time Only!

Available at our Boston locations (Harborside, Long Wharf, Downtown Crossing, Park Square, Copley), Braintree and Chestnut Hill  while supplies last.

Our Boston area guests will be among the first in the nation to have a taste of wild-caught Copper River King Salmon fresh from the Gulf of Alaska.

We will be offering a limited time feature entrée preparation of the Copper River King Salmon, paired with Maitake Mushrooms, Spring Peas and 100 Layer Potatoes.* 

Beverage director Christian Gianaris has teamed with organic winery, Bethel Heights, for wine pairings to match the robust flavor of the salmon, including small batch Pinot Noir from the wine club portfolio. Bethel Heights wines hail from Oregon’s Eola-Amity Hills region and hold the esteemed Salmon-Safe certification since 1997.

*While supply lasts. Available for dine-in only. Call your restaurant location ahead of time to confirm salmon availability.

About Our Limited Fresh Catch

Each year during a short window of time starting in May, wild Alaska Salmon migrate upstream to the Copper River on an epic journey. These salmon, known as Copper River Salmon, become a highly seasonal catch, traditionally available to diners along the West Coast. 

The journey of Copper River Salmon to Boston starts with a small fleet of independent fishermen on two-man boats in the ocean gulf where the Copper River meets the Pacific in southcentral Alaska. The salmon is then brought to the area within 24-48 hours through a partnership with Copper River Seafoods, Alaska Air Cargo and North Coast Seafoods. Copper River Salmon holds third-party certifications from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Alaska RFM, and Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

To celebrate the arrival of this coveted catch, Legal Sea Foods head of culinary Brian Doyle is preparing a special feature that highlights the unique, full-bodied flavor of wild-caught Copper River King Salmon. 

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