Legal Sea Foods’ ‘Chowda Day’ Serves Up Charity and Culinary Delights

By: BNN Correspondents |

Legal Sea Foods, a reputable restaurant chain, is set to launch a charitable initiative titled ‘Chowda Day’ on January 15. This special event allows customers to purchase cups of New England Clam Chowder for only $1 each, with all proceeds going to Boston Children’s Hospital. The initiative, which was first initiated in the previous year, aims to break the record of over 9,000 cups sold.

Supporting a Good Cause
By participating in ‘Chowda Day,’ patrons will not only enjoy a delicious meal but also contribute to a noble cause. The event is part of Legal Sea Foods’ ongoing commitment to community service and corporate social responsibility. The company’s Brand president and Chief Operating Officer, Matt King, expressed his enthusiasm about the event and the opportunity to support Boston Children’s Hospital.

Additional Offers
In addition to ‘Chowda Day,’ Legal Sea Foods is enticing customers with more deals. Their online shop, Shop Legal Sea Foods, will offer two quarts of chowder for $20. Following ‘Chowda Day,’ a limited-time offer will be made available to rewards members from January 16. This ‘Buy One, Get One’ (BOGO) deal features Maine lobster rolls, prepared with half a pound of Maine lobster, choice of lemon mayo, chives, or warm butter, and served on a grilled bun.

How to Participate
To take advantage of the BOGO deal, customers must sign up for the rewards program by January 31. This can be done either online, through the Legal Net Rewards app, or at a restaurant by scanning a QR code. In doing so, customers can not only enjoy the delectable offerings of Legal Sea Foods but also contribute to a meaningful cause.

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