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Our Expanded Sushi Menu is Here!

All of our locations now offer either rolled and/or pressed sushi! Visit your local Legal and try our specialty maki or oshizushi paired with our new sake offerings.

Note: Sushi offering varies per location. This menu represents our full sushi and sake offering.  Please visit locations & menus to view the specific sushi and sake offering for each location. 

the Year 2024
of the Dragon

Enjoy Our Variety
of Fresh Dragon Rolls
On Our Expanded Sushi Menu

Red Dragon

Orange Dragon

Green Dragon

Dragon Rolls are now available! Make your reservation to join us and ring in the Lunar New Year.

Whether you’ve been on a sake pilgrimage to Japan or you’re a complete sake rookie, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Our Sake Partners

The simplest of ingredients can create a broad range of sake flavors and aromas. A well-crafted sake can be floral or acidic, sweet or astringent, fruity, or savory. With slight changes to yeast strain, rice variety, water mineral content, or brewing method, there can be wildly different results. Experience an assortment of sakes from our local sake partners at your local Legal!

Brooklyn Kura “Blue Door” Junmai Namazake

Brewed in Brooklyn, NY by two local mad scientists, this Sake is full-bodied, dry, and umami-laden with subtle notes of banana and ripe melon. 

Tensei “Infinite Summer” Tokubetsu Honjozo

Inspired by Kanagawa’s beautiful coastline and surfer culture. Bright and refreshing, this sake has a light finish with aromas of sea spray and fresh melon.

Konteki “Pearls of Simplicity” Junmai Daiginjo

Aromas of white flower and Asian pear on the nose.  The palate is rich and textured, with an elegant finish.

Kubota “Black Ice” Junmai Daiginjo

Elegant aromas of fresh pear and melon with a rich body, yet not too heavy. A harmonious balance of fruit and acidity.

Sake is one of the most healthful alcohols

Low Sugar

Less than most other alcohols

Stays Fresh Longer

Sake stay fresh up to 2-3 weeks in your fridge once opened so you don’t have to finish all at once

Free of Tannins and Sulfites

For those looking to avoid wine headaches

Contains Amino Acids

Sake contains three amino acids that can prevent osteoporosis and provides skin benefits

Unique Formats

Premium Japanese sake comes in a variety of formats from single serve cans, 300ml bottles to larger formats for sharing

80% Water Based

Arguably more hydrating than other alcohols

Low in Tartaric Acid

The primary acid in wine that causes acid reflux and erosion of teeth enamel

Gluten Free

Good for those who are sensitive/celiac

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